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Horse ridind is a sport that gathers more and more passionates worldwide every year : the horse riders community is increasingly growing, but it is difficult to find some websites dedicated to the horse universe. That is why we wanted to create this blog, to share our passion for horses with the community.

Horse blog

Whether you are a horse lover who wants to share his passion with other enthusiasts, or whether you want to learn more about horses, our blog is the best spot for you : we teach you all that you have to know about this wonderful animal horse is, from his way of life to his nutrition, and also the different ways to work with him as well. Each day find our brand news articles about several issues related to horse riding and the horses.

Horse riding

Horse riding is a very complete sport, which calls for the eight muscular groups of the human body : the upper body, the arms and the abdominal muscles are put to a severe test to keep a good riding position, and the legs have to be toned to lead the horse to move forwards. But it is a very strict sport, which calls for a lot of rigor and precision : the horse is a powerful animal, that may be both a wonderful life partner and an opponent trying to defeat you. That is why you have to find the right balance that will lead you to a oerfect harmony between you and your equine partner. Each week find some new video tutorials, to learn a few simple exercizes to do with your horse.


Because we perfectly know that mutual assistance is the best way to improve your way of riding, we put at your disposal a brand new online forum : you will have the possibility to chat online with millions of other passionate horse riders, to share your experiences. Benefit from advice from expert riders, and help the beginners improve themselves to become perfect riders.

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