How to find a good jumping saddle at the best price

A saddle is the more expensive and important equipment after a horse. To find a good jumping saddle is not an easy task for you. And you will find the adequate jumping saddle depending on certain criteria. The quality of the saddle will depend on the price you offer. Thus choosing a jumping saddle for you will depend on the criteria you find yourself.

Both the rider and the horse should fit the saddle

A saddle that doesn’t fit you properly will be uncomfortable to ride on. The horse on the other side will throw you out of his back. If the saddle doesn’t fit your horse properly, it can result to health problem. All horses back are not created equal so better fine which one is adequate for your horse.

The balance point

The relationship between the flap and the placement of the saddle’s balance point determines the suitability of a jumping saddle for a specified discipline. Once you are in a balance point, get en instructor to push your foot until your foot form a 90 degree angle just behind your knee. You should feel the knee roll in front of your knee. If your knee is over the knee roll or more than two inches behind the knee roll, the saddle does not fit you. Therefor you need to think about the complex relation between the shape and the flag. That’s what we call the balance point.

The knee roll

You should be sure that the knee roll stops at the point of your knee. If the knee roll continues down and around towards your skin, it will cause your lower leg to slip back especially when you land over a jump. So the knee roll is to consider when buying a jumping saddle.

The best style for the saddle

You buy a saddle depending on which style you need for you. The sports you practice determine the type of jumping saddle to choose. Be it dressage, show jumping or western, pleasures all require very distinctive styles. The choice may not always be so simple for you.

New versus used saddles

Just getting started in the horse world, buy a used saddle and safe expenses. Find great deals on eBay for jumping saddles with cost ranging from $5.50 to $650 and more. Purchasing for a new saddle is probably very expensive does it’s better to go for a used jumping saddles for sale on website like equitack. Equitack have affordable prices and trained personnel to advice you more.

How to be sure to choose the saddle you need ?

Nowadays, more and more people are giving a lot of importance to various equipment to be used in the field of horse riding. Indeed, these accessories are very important especially if you want to launch into the professional world and you also want to improve day by day. Being obligatory in order to really take care of the horse, it is now time to know how to choose the right saddle.As requiredWhy do you need a saddle? What purpose ? These questions are very important and should be (used saddles) [...]